Some Unique Business Cards Ideas

There are various types of business cards and it is mandatory for you to evaluate that which one suits your organization. Your business card should reflect the services your offer. The business card shows your professionalism and it happens to be the first impression to your clients and you better know that first impression is the last impression. So, you need to be extra careful while choosing this type of card for you. Below you can find some major types of business cards which may help you to choose the best and the most appropriate one for your business:


A card that has square corners and is 3.5”x2” rectangular is considered as a standard card. It also contains that design that is printed by every company on a standard rate. This card is quite professional and shows you as a reliable and committed organization.

Round Corners:

These cards are quite similar to standard business cards. The difference is that, a round is created by cutting a business card from corners to give it a pleasing shape. This design is quite popular and common in business cards printing. It costs your little bit higher than standard cards but it also gives a gratifying touch to your cards. While selecting this shape, you better design your card accordingly so that no material or content of the card is lost in cutting.


Square business cards are normally small in size, only 2”x2”. Though they are small in size, they separate your card from others and become unique. You need to design these cards in such away that you use all of your important information as they are small in size and contain lesser material than others.


A die-cut business card is one of the most unique cards. You can design this card in any shape according to your business need. Its cost may vary from shape to shape or design to design. It is also one of the most expensive business cards options. There are many other business cards types like “Fold-Over”, “Recycled”, “Portfolio” and others.

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