Check out these scrumptious flyers we printed for Gourmet Pizza chain Firezza! Just looking at these is surely going to get your mouth water and what makes it fantastic is the the high quality printing resembles the true authenticity of the product available.

The high quality food food produced is about real appreciation for food and thats why they have placed raw organic ingredients in their promotion work to enhance that aspect.  We provide excellent printing services that are always of a high standard. Printing lithographically is the greatest way to produces shard results and make your product look top of the range.

Star Print is an independent Print Company which has been operating in Northolt, Middlesex in London, offering businesses top quality, full colour litho printing and design services. The philosophy behind Star Print has always been to provide it’s clients with the highest quality products, at the best price, excellent service and deliver with the most courteous and efficient service possible. For any queries email